How to survive college with celiac disease

Celiacs at College

        Freshman & Celiac? It's a challenge!


  When health problems like celiac disease (a disease that causes damage to the small intestine after eating wheat, rye, barley and maybe oats) is diagnosed, it can change our lives. Suddenly, finding things to eat becomes something to worry about. Foods we took for granted become off limits, we become extremely cautious about knowing the ingredients in the food we do eat, and, we have to be constantly aware of the possibilities of food contamination. We also have to make sure that, even with all these new restrictions in place, we still end up eating balanced, nutritious meals every day.


Over time celiacs generally learn how to cope with eating gluten-free in their homes. We buy all the substitute items, don't go out to eat as much, and make use of our fully-equiped kitchens to put together homemade gluten-free meals. But a problem arises when its time for kids with celiac disease to leave the nest and strike out for college. Whether it's in a college dorm or at a campus restaurant, there's usually no special kitchen that prepares gluten free meals and avoids the possibility of contamination, or parents to make sure we're being fed properly.


Make no mistake - it's a challenge to eat well in college when you have celiac disease but IT IS POSSIBLE. This site was created to help new students and their parents as they research & plan how to survive as a celiac in college. It starts with my personal experiences but encourages blogs and postings from others to cite their own experiences and share how they overcame those same challenges. Over time we hope to have a collection of experiences, tips and recommendations that will make the transition to college easy and comfortable for all celiac kids.